The Garden of the Whispers

by The Third Grade

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released September 13, 2013



all rights reserved


The Third Grade Valencia, Spain

Jose Masiá - Lead vocals, lead guitar, keyboard

Daniel Castillo - Bass, keyboard, backing vocals

María Cobos- vocals

Rodrigo Puché-drums

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Track Name: Waves of Lust
You’re so close, no matter how I try to resist
This feelings are so strong… my nightmare is real
I need it, I feel it grow, it’s breaking my mind
I’m blinded, the pleasure makes me feel alive

Waves of lust running through my head
I can’t control my filthy sin
Stay aside, step away from me
The dirtiest dream is growing on me

I’m hiding, I’m stalking you. I’m dying inside
No longer I’m waiting there’s no escape this time

“love is forbidden”
my brain keeps screaming
There’s no tomorrow,
no pain no sorrow

I saw them run
I saw them pray
All it’s a plan
Of God’s decay
Track Name: The Twisted Side of Geometry
Track Name: The Garden of the Whispers
Open the gate you’ll find the place
where dreams and nightmares are embraced
down here the sky is burning bright
like coral castles in the sun

Between the misty hills of Death
is where you’ll find forever safe
I’m waiting theres no turning back
we’ll be together for all time

Don’t be afraid just let it go
there is no pain no god no hope
my garden keeps the shadows in light
I remain out of the space and time

Dance forevermore
lullabies are sung
at the end you’ll know
when all whispers are gone

It’s like a dream, did I die alone?
why I have to end so young?
this place is cold, but I’m in peace
I cannot understand nothing at all

You’ve brought me here, you’ve given me hope
you’ve filled the vacuum in my soul
but I’m scared, the past is gone
there are no heartbeats in your world

Dream forever, fly together, feel invincible...
Track Name: Holes (Live)
Your last spoken words
(Please don't leave me, I am so alone)
Are hidden in my soul
(I feel is getting late now we cannot save his head)
I try to understand
(Say goodbye but please don't cry)
“The holes are getting squared”

Your death destroyed my pride
(All the lies I cannot hide)
“The Truth lies in the Light"
(Take me with you there where magic meets the death)
"Seems like this old life’s gone"
(Cross the hole back to the past)
"It’s time to get reborn”

You have guided me through this years
And I’ve learnt how to be free
Everytime I close my eyes
Seems like I dance with the past.

How can you touch when you can’t breathe?
How can you breathe when you can’t touch?

I've finally found the way
(The old came back as young to me)
to bring the hole again.
(You told me how to pray and beyond the time stay)
the key to get the time...
(Wait for me on the other side)
its just behind the light.