The Third Grade

by The Third Grade

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released February 28, 2012



all rights reserved


The Third Grade Valencia, Spain

Jose Masiá - Lead vocals, lead guitar, keyboard

Daniel Castillo - Bass, keyboard, backing vocals

María Cobos- vocals

Rodrigo Puché-drums

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Track Name: 10:30
One, Two;
Freddy's coming for you.

Three, Four;
Better lock your door.

Five, six;
Grab your crucifix.

Seven, eight;
Better stay up late.

Nine, ten;
We're back again.
Track Name: Triangle
Drown me, redefine me, make me believe I can dream.

Burn me, and crash me, blow all the feelings I had.

Pack your things and get the fuck away
Grab the memories you want to keep safe


There was a time,
when we were building coral castles in the sun.
Like a magic spark,
A neon light appeared and everything turned into night.
Then I heared the black horn,
Three burning notes that showed us the way that we had… to follow.
In my blueberry dreams,
The sweetest anger can become a fantastic dream.

Excite me, and then degrade me,
So many questions and lies...
I’m so numb

This perfection becomes a spiral,
All this triangle was pure and now is dead

Air gets heavier as you run away
Nothing will get back what you deserve

Track Name: Wreckage
Let me lose myself tonight
when the world becomes a nightmare
Let me fall against the ground
I've been walking through the dark

You're the light I need to see
But this way it's hard and lonely
These stars won't talk with me
Now I need somewhere to hide me

But you won't be there
You choose to forget me
Take the venom that you get
Then I'll be free

Im not askin you for mercy
You've got reasons to give up
All the promises are empty
You don't need to apologize

But you runaway
You choose to decieve me
Take your phantom out of me
Then I'll be free

I will keep on goin'
After my fallin'
I will survive
This is just another
Tear in my pocket
We were a lie

and you won't be there
You choose to forget me
Take the venom that you get
Then I'll be free
and you runaway
You choose to decieve me
Take your phantom out of me
Then I'll be free
Track Name: Under The Hood
So many times I've waited…
Just to see you cry.
So many years I've wasted…
Just to be by your side.

So many lies you've told…
Bleeding me with your smile.
But in the end of all…
You'll be buried alive.

Where is your lucky ace,babe?
your chance is coming late
I bet you would give one leg
to remember how it feels the cold revenge

But you can't hurt me now
although you knew how
I found just what I needed
I don't care if you're a fucking saint in hell

You'll be million miles away
but I'm still hearing your name
I am trying to forget
only god knows that I can't
you will never understand
that this neverending pain
have become a part of me
and I'm trying to be free.

I see now what I could not
The different truths that we had
Hidden in your entrails
Eating every part of hope I used to keep
You were rotten, love
And I breathed enough
To not return for something
That I'm absolutely sure you’ll never have
You’re human as I am
Although you think you’re not
The real light will shock you
When the anesthesia stops working inside
And then, no one will care
Because you never cared
So pray for what it’s coming
If you're able to believe in someone else

I never wanted to follow you
I know what is under the hood
I will forget that I was there
The future’s sweet until the end
Track Name: A Hated Hero
You won't change my life with just a kiss
I'll make you understand
I am not the hero that you wish
I am even worse than you think I am

They can watch me like a something strange
a monster with pretty face
but we're lost togheter in this place
and it's time for me to pay my debts

I'm not afraid
cause I don't have a place to go
I'm not afraid, alone

I will take control if you can't take it
I never was a king just for a day
now I have the guns and this is my favourite game

Who wants to play?

Every footstep that you're following
takes you close to me
you don't know you need me to believe
that you're not so alone here, but we're alone here

Do you think I want to be like this?
I hate my misery
I can smile but I feel anything
I want to be forgotten, please

I can't keep on walking
but I will keep on walking
Track Name: November
Drain my soul
leave inside what's yours
and burn it all
I don't need the ashes anymore

I fell down
thinking that I was fine
a freedom jump
I decieved myself to trust that lies
and I paid for that

But now it's real
the life I feel it's growing up beneath my skin
just bury me
and do it deep,I'll breath the dust that left my sins
and then I'll live asleep
I want to live like this
Your lights come over me

I woke up
between smoke and mud
the storm came back
but the rain was not my toxic blood

You were there
painting sky in red
the cure for me
for the things I'll never understand
you're here to brake

The rope I kept
around my neck, I'll never kill myself again
I need yourself
to sew my chest, with all your fate inside my veins

I know I don't deserve
what you are giving me
a life after my death
you didn't like my grave

You are the best of me.
Track Name: Hate
Run, you better run…
Run, you better fade away of my damned empty life.
Your life’s a lie…
Lies, all the air you breathe is false and you must die.

The death is surrounding here…
My shell is braking in pieces and the shivers are nailing me.
Come and watch me bleed,
And then dream how to make me drown in this lake of fucking tears.

But I’ll survive if you can hold me up,
Out of this water infested with rats.
These chains are too heavy for me, I won’t fly
Until my wings turn this wounds into scars.

Hate, all I feel is hate…
Hate, running through my throat and drilling up to my brain
Come and feel my pain,
Insane, trapped inside this web of silence, burying me again.

(Mistakes) Screaming in my head.
Infect everything you touch. Now you’re raised like a living dead.
And it starts again…
This hate is burning me and I know that it will never end.
Track Name: Stay
I don't remember how I used to be
before you came to change
my darkness for a blinding clarity

Now I am trapped cause I can't stay alone
your voice is not enough
to make me sleep when you're not around

The nights are not complete
you always must to disappear
runnin' like a dream
I never catch you when you're here

Give me what I need
Something to be free
Give me what I need
Come and stay with me

Im the last soul who's drivin on this road
the air goes cold
I couldn't see your lights when I come back home

This is the prize I pay of being your slave
you stole the parts of me
I need to keep on walking everyday

But I love this feel
I like this pain, It makes me real
Unknown energy
that burns my heart with gasoline

Give me what I need
Something to be free
Give me what I need

Come and stay with me.
Track Name: Breath And Forget
Everyone's scared
They think you’re sick
Hello? Look like lost
Dart party at home

Who’s guilty?
You’re on your own
Just as always
it’s all coming down

Be quiet
and dry you out
Breath and forget

Long fingered thoughts
trap you in
like you’ve never been
I’ve seen it before
like you’ve never
been sane
Track Name: Changes (Live)
We'll keep on playing russian roulette,
Instead of bullets we're firing mistakes
We'll keep on playing russian roulette,
Keep us a secret, we don't have a chance.